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perform your best without pain

Personalized Physical Therapy

for Athletes & Active Adults

on the Central Coast

Fix your pain for good.

Tired of pain? Not getting results?

We help athletes and active adults get out of pain and return to what they love doing.

Set up a phone consultation with our physical therapist to get started!

the road to recovery


Book a Free 15 Minute Phone Consultation

You will speak with our PT, Tyler,

who will discuss your pain, limitations, and goals.

Look at it as an opportunity to vent about what's going on and to see if we are a good fit for you. 


Identify the Root Cause & Create a Plan

Next, we evaluate your condition to find the root cause of what is really going on. We will develop a customized plan that aligns with your needs and lifestyle so you never have to deal with this again.


Get Your Active Lifestyle Back & Better

You have booked your phone consultation and gone through a full evaluation. Now it's time to execute a game plan together to get you back to the activities you love!

Physical therapy for athletes


Most athletes in pain have difficulty returning to sport with standard medical treatment.


At FIT PT Gym, we are purposefully out-of-network with insurance to provide 1-on-1, patient-centered care

to end pain and elevate performance.

Physical therapy
for Active adults

Today's healthcare system does not allow the time needed to personalize your treatment plan.

At FIT PT Gym we provide 1-on-1, patient-centered care tO GET YOU BACK TO THE ACTIVITIES YOU LOVE.

our story

The evolution of FIT PT Gym is simple. It was created as a place for athletes to train while also tending to their injuries and has since expanded to a wide variety of people who want to regain their active lifestyle after dealing with pain. 


Our mission is to provide a high level of rehabilitation and training for active people on the Central Coast by creating an optimal facility and method for people to attain their maximal physical potential.


"Tyler is such a knowledgable PT. He varies each session, so that you body is constantly having to adapt to new challenges. He's good at explaining to you what's going on in your body in a way that you understand. He genuinely wants to see you get better and improve yourself physically ASAP.  Do yourself a favor and book a session with him!"

Talk to a pt now

If you haven't found results with typical medical treatment and are looking to try a different approach, we can help!
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